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HiPay gateway module for WHMCS - v2.0 (IonCube 6)
Updated 14/11/2017 - Updated to the new SOAP API of HiPay. - The module works with the new HiPay professional product (former HiPay Wallet & HiPay Direct). - Transaction fees are now calculated and shown on the paid invoice, and no longer included in the income. - Each transaction gets now double checked for existence on the HiPay platform to avoid spoofing. - Invoice number is now sent to HiPay, so it appears on the HiPay statements. - Company name is now sent to HiPay, so it appears on the customer bank statements (if supported by bank). - Customer card type is now stored in payment method on invoice. - A more friendly page is now shown to the end user in case of an error, which allows the customer to choose a new payment method. - It's now possible to get an email alert when an error occurs. - Errors are now logged to the gateway log. - Debug messages can now be logged (encrypted) to the gateway log and can help us debug issues faster. - Removed some settings that now are auto-generated. - Offline activation is updated. IP is no longer checked. - Improved security. - Updated HiPay links. - Updated HiPay payment logo. - Updated documentation. Documentation can be found at http://support.webcanyon.be/kb/c8/hipay-v2.aspx
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HiPay gateway module for WHMCS - v2.01 - PHP 5.6 + PHP 7 (IonCube 10)
UPDATED 20/04/2018 - Ioncube Loader 10.2 or higher is now supported AND ALSO REQUIRED! - WHMCS 7.5 is now supported - Changed some references from webcanyon.be to webcanyon.eu - Changed URL instructions to point out that you should use a full URL
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