Licensing system

To protect our software, we use a licensing system. When activating the product, it will contact our licensing server, and send over the installation details (license key, IP, etc.).
Reissue license
If the installation details change, for example because you move to another host, or change your domain name, you should reissue your license from Click on the product name, and then on the reissue button.
Will my product stop working if your servers are temporary down?
The licensing system stores a local temporary key when connecting to the license server. If our license server is not reachable for some reason, then it will continue working with the local key, up to 2 days. 
If our servers are down for more than 2 days, then, potentially, your product may become unusable. But seen that we run our own hosting servers which are monitored 24*7 by a team of techs on stand-by, and that we have an uptime of 99,99%, it's quite unlikely that our servers would be down more then 2 days.
Do you want extra assurance? Then we can offer the offline activation addon.
Offline activation addon
With this addon, we will manually generate an offline activation key for you. With this key, you will no longer depend on our license system, and your license status wil no longer be checked, ever (as long if you don't change your installation). So even if our servers are down, or we go out of business (what we are not planning to :-)), your product will always work. 

If you order this activation key addon together or less then 180 days after the product license, we encourage you NOT to use Paypal, because otherwise we will need some extra details/statement from you to protect us from the Paypal dispute chargeback since after the software is local activated, we have no way to disable it anymore.
Once you have the offline activation addon, you will no longer be able to change your domain name! If your domain name gets changed, you'll need to re-buy the product + addon.
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